Bestone is a Mass Customization Dispute
Resolution Service Provider

The first legal service company that goes public in China.

Shanghai Bestone Information&Technology Ltd. is established in August 2006, it is a national legal technology and innovative legal solution company in China. Located in Shanghai, it has more than 500 employees all over the country, and has established national service network to provide clients for effective and convenient one-stop service. On November 11th 2015, it is listed in the NEEQ and becomes the first legal service company that goes public in China.

Developed the Multi-role Coordination SaaS
Legal Service Platform

first company in China to develop the multi-role Saas legal service platform.

Bestone has cooperated with more than 3000 law firms, 40000 lawyers, notary organization, intellectual property service organization, universities and legal research institutions. Based on years of accumulation of legal technology ability and mass legal service operation experience, Bestone becomes the first company in China to develop the multi-role Saas legal service platform. It creatively combines SaaS technology with case in-depth operation, which improves the efficiency of dispute resolution by resolving mass dispute and applying legal data to individual case in the same time.

Help to Make Law Become the Habit of
Chinese People

Upholding the mission of “making law the habit of Chinese People”, Bestone launches the 7x24 online legal service and continues to use technology to make legal service easy to have access to. It guides people to rely on law and use law to solve problems. Since 2014, Bestone cooperates with the labor unions and judicial administrations in many regions to develop the public law service. The “12348” legal service hotline service undertook by Bestone in 6 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) benefits 250 million people, which is about 20% of China’s whole population. It makes positive contribution to transforming social conflicts from after-process remedy to precaution and in-process control.

Honor and Qualification

As a typical new industry, new condition, new pattern company, Bestone has won more than 20 national/provincial honors and qualifications include
“Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” / “Shanghai Medium and Small-sized Enterprise Public Service Demonstration Platform” / “Major Software Company
within National Planning” / “National Labor Awards”.

Towards the government

To cooperate with the judicial administration department, trade union and youth

Shanghai Bestone Information and Technology Company Ltd. established the Public Law Service Department at the end of 2014,
with the objective of providing premium legal service to all levels of government departments, promoting supply side reform and making sure that the public
legal service can cover urban & rural areas and benefit all. Currently, projects include the Department of Justice “Citizen Law Consciousness Survey”,
the All China Federation of Trade Union “Law Publicity and Education of ACFTU”, the Justice Department of Guangdong Province “12348 Public Legal Service
Hotline” have been operated successfully. The department has strong ability of legal resource integration and operation delivery.

Towards the Enterprise

To provide customized solution to carrier, financial institutions and business groups include
legal consultation, road traffic dispute settlement, vehicle insurance claim, lawsuit mediation,
assets recovery, brand rights safeguarding and electronic data preservation.

  • Carrier Service

    Bestone maintains strategic cooperation relations with the three major carriers from 2006
    and continues to provide professional, comprehensive, cost-efficient and convenient legal service to them.
    Our business covers 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. We have over 7 million of paying users and 600 thousand enterprise users. Apart
    from the online services, we also continuously provide offline law publicity activities and we have served over 80 million users in total.

  • Financial Law Service

    Shanghai Bestone Information and Technology Company Ltd. provides customized high-end legal lecture to insurance companies.
    Through the lawyer’s professional explanation and case analysis, the legal risk awareness of the customer will be raised and the
    value of the insurance policy will be informed. In this way we can overturn the tradition product-oriented marketing method in the insurance industry and
    encourage the high-end customers to use financial tools actively so that the marketing activities can run smoothly.

  • Enterprise Customer Service

    Shanghai Bestone Information and Technology Company Ltd. established Enterprise Service Department at the end of 2015,
    with the objective of providing full process service include lawsuit mediation, assets recovery, brand rights safeguarding and electronic data
    preservation to group businesses. By cooperating with general legal service providers such as notaries and arbitrators and making use of the large
    scale coordination legal SAAS platform, the platform has handled over 100 thousand cases and rich full process operation experience has been
    accumulated. The triangular service model between customer manager, solution and delivery expert is formed and
    we can respond to the customer’s request effectively and efficiently.

Towards Individuals

To provide 7x24 legal service, traffic accident legal insurance service
and legal aid insurance service etc. to individuals.